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[ lastest news ]

Petroruba AlphaPetroruba Inc. is pleased to announce that the internet portal enters the Alpha phase. Two months after the birth of Petroruba Inc. through hard work and constant commitment of our staff we are pleased to finally put on-line the first Alpha version of www.petroruba.com. We are working hard to build a web tool useful to people to solve a real problem, and daily newspaper, What the loss of precious objects to us by the bunch of keys, the scarf, via cellphone and laptop.


Born Petroruba Inc.Today comes the Petroruba Company Inc. The goal is to support and improve the initiatives carried out by the website petroruba.com
main objective is to pass from one ”embryo” state to a more mature stage. Transform the sector lost property in a true and own work.
Welcome Petroruba Inc.!


Hello world!Published the first version of the ”alpha” petroruba.com website, so was born the first portal in the world dedicated only to the publication of announcements of items lost or stolen.
A very simple graphics but with the aim to make it easy and intuitive use of the site even the less experienced.


Welcome PetrorubaBorn the idea of Petroruba.com
From the idea of two friends who meet at the park, they lose a red scarf that will not ever found, the idea to create an innovative tool that helps people to find items lost or stolen. Did you find a lost item?
Petroruba is the easiest way to do a good deed and earn, why not, a reward.

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