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Our website helps people

petroruba helps people find their lost or stolen items

petroruba helps people find their lost or stolen items. Once you find the item we check out the report and contact who found the object and who lost it. In some cases if you wish you can give a reward to anyone who finds the item you've lost. We are currently developing apps for mobile phones (Android, iOS) and tablets and computer Windows and Mac Os X. We solve a real problem. We help people find lost and stolen items. We help you regain mainly technological items. You can enter any type of object from the scarf, to a pet like a dog or cat. We tempt people who are close to the area where the object was lost with a reward. We help people who buy used items to make sure it is not stolen or lost.

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Lost, stolen or found items recently published

Petroruba rewards are issued for a total of:
(plus 346 other rewards with a unspecified value)
162136 USD

Petroruba Arrow & IndiegogoPetroruba Inc. thanks to the collaboration with Arrow Electronics will be soon on Indiegogo. Coming soon you can find our crowdfunding campaign based on our GPS / Bluetooth and home and office solution. Stay tuned for a preview of the important news, register on http://landingpage.petroruba.com.


Petroruba Inc. & TDK for wireless charging of our Traker GPS & BluetoothAs previously announced few months ago, we have chosen to collaborate with TDK, one of the leading players in the wireless electric transmission sector. Thanks to the technology put in place by TDK, we will be able to equip our devices with an innovative Wireless charging system that will allow you to reduce both the charging time and make this operation easier in everyday life.


In our heart beats an ARMWe are pleased to announce that our collaboration with Arrow Electronics is a new collaboration, which aims to introduce inside our devices the most innovative technology made available by ARM. soon there will be news also regarding the recharge. Stay tuned.


we are ready! and you?Our staff will be at the Sha 2017 in Scoutinglandgoed Zeewolde Nulderpad 5 in Amsterdam - Holland. We will be there to deal with the world’s leading exponents of Hacking, both in the IT world and in the world of electronics. The event is sponsored by the greatest players in the world of computing and will host among its guests and speakers, leading characters in the world of business and information technology

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